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Links List in Computers & Software/Programming & Development



A bot for Battle.net systems programmed in C for Windows and Linux.

Object Edge Inc


Components and frameworks are used in developing component-based large-scale enterprise systems using J2EE, XML, and Smalltalk.



A component framework similar to what Microsoft has done with COM or mozilla.org has done with XPCOM, but with slightly differing goals.

AI Wisdom


Attempts to catalogue every game AI article ever written in game development books, magazines, and conference proceedings. All articles can be searched by topic, genre, resource, or date. It's a very focused site and a great place to find out what sec

Eclipse Online


A site focusing on game programming and development. Games Folder game management program with advanced features, such as the ability to fine-tune system for optimal game performance. DirectX High Level API designed to simplify DirectX programming f



An information portal for the computer validation and software testing community. Includes: resource links, bulletin boards, marketplace, and a national list of consultants.

ParaSoft Products Page


Tools to efficiently prevent, detect and correct coding errors in C, C++, Java, and HTML.

Software Testing FAQs


Resources for software testers.

Software Testing Institute


Quality publications, industry research and online services for the software development and testing professional.

Scripts Singles


Tutorials and resources on Perl programming and source codes.

Clarion Technologies


Offers web development in PHP, MYSQL, JAVA client-server and distributed desktop applications.



Source for JavaScript web solutions, offers JavaScript menu, tree, calendar, form, table, grid and other scripts.

CodeComments Programming Languages Discussions


Web access to Usenet newsgroups of various programming languages.

Happy Codings - Programming Code Examples


Programming Resources & Code Examples

osCommerce Freelancers


Allows osCommerce store owners to post service or other projects for bid by recognized experts.

dotnet newsgroup reader


web access to newsgroup related to microsoft dotnet technology

PHP MySQL Tutorial


Simple PHP MySQL Tutorial with examples like creating a guestbook, contact form, uploading files to database, creating a simple Content Management System (CMS), etc.

A Complete Php Library


A complete online php library.



Outsourcing Ukraine - Offshore Programming, Software and Web Development



A leading IT solutions and services provider in offshore software development, system integration, product implementation and consulting services.

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