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Links List in Computers & Software/Software

Film Collaboration


Film collaboration Spidvid is the leading film production community offering the best social platform to connect, collaborate, and create quality films by individuals across the world, each contributing their unique skills and talent.

Intranet Solutions


DeskWork corporate portal provides Intranet solutions that helps to improve various aspects of performance of your business such as corporate workflow, employee collaboration and teamwork. Explore our website for more details.

writing software


Get online screenwriting software, movie script writing software and template, screenwriters software, screenplay writing software and many more writing software from Screen Writing Pro in affordable price.

Photo recovery


Recover your lost digital images, audio, video and data files with MediaRECOVER software.

Digital signs


Strandvision provides digital signage for employee communication and business marketing on dynamic digital displays.

Server Virtualization


With the rapid adoption of server virtualization technology, comes an increasing requirement for ISVs and IHVs to do a better job of integrating with leading hypervisors. Our platform expertise spans leading hypervisors, such as ESX, Hyper-V and Xen, and their user as well as kernel-mode APIs.

Cloud Computing Technology


Zircon Computing is an international software company that offers the latest cloud computing technology, enhancing software to accelerate application performance while balancing the workload between legacy and new distributed multicore systems.

Schematic Entry with Viewlogic or Orcad


Schematic entry and schematic capture is accomplished using Viewlogic or Orcad. We provide Gerber File generation and High Speed PCB verification with Hyperlynx.

Wireless Intercom


FM Intercom - Thodukonics is one of the leading manufacturer of power line FM wireless intercom systems. We provide full duplex security FM wireless intercom and wireless door phone up to 1000 stations, range up to 2km (6000ft).

Barcode Label Creator


Barcode Label Maker is cost-effective program create any font in the form of sticker, ribbons, asset tag with user defined barcode runs at distinct versions of Windows Operating System.

Merge PDF


PDF Splitter & Merger is PDF Combiner tool join PDF easily & quickly on the basis of relevance as set by user into single PDF & allows user to delete multiple PDF page with help of PDF viewer at once.

Image To PDF Converter


Image To PDF Converter is bulk image conversion tool applied to create PDF files with different color, rotation and display. Software supports all standard image formats such as JPEG TIFF PNG GIF EMF.



PDF to Image Converter is a competent application with simple interface that offers various image settings to be set by user before prefer conversion start to convert PDF to image file format.

Compare two files


Compare two files, folders and directories using SwiftCompare lite; the freeware visual file and folder comparison software developed by OorjaSoftware.com

Canadian Income Tax Form


Canadian income tax form is now available online at Tax Chopper which is certified by CRA and ranked one among all in Canada. It is very excellent in performing the top quality tax management solution. Stay with us to go fast and feel free.

Online training software


Knoodle, a cutting edge online training software program, allows its users to make creative, web-based video presentations in minutes.

Web Scraping Software


Web scraping software available at visualwebripper.com is the featured tool which empowers data collection, storage, scraping and more. It supports semi-automatic professional web scrapping for captcha protected sites.

Microsoft virus removal, computer viruses removal, online computer tech support,remote virus removal


At SupportMart user can get comprehensive tech support from certified technicians, highly skilled in providing computer support for repair, maintenance, available 24/7. Contact us at 1-800-793-7521 or log on to http://www.supportmart.net

AuroIN Complaints


AuroIN Complaints Management System is a one-of-a-kind, innovative reputation management system, for handling negative feedback, complaints and other forms of online reputation management campaign

Mobile CRM


Mobile CRM and Internet SMS gateway from Win Plc. Trusted by many of the world's biggest brands to deliver the competitive advantage for.

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