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Links List in Computers & Software/Software

Technoriver - Barcode software suite


Develops and markets barcode labelling software and components for industrial and business applications.

4POS Inventory POS and Rental Software


Inventory POS and Rental Software for small businesses. Includes free trial versions and ordering information.

WTS Paradigm


Our software helps improve the bottom line of window and door manufacturers through the flow of timely, pertinent information.

Stored IQ


Dedicated to providing enterprise class solutions for the management of unstructured information found in files and e-mail. Manage your information securely, constantly, and automatically.



A powerful tool for collecting, organizing and sharing information. It will help you to intuitively visualize and navigate your daily information flow.

CRM & Help Desk Software by LegendSoft, Inc.


LegendSoft SPoTS is a customer relationship management system for mid-sized businesses. Use SPoTS for facilities management, tracking customer requests, customer complaints, or for help desk software.

Sib Image Viewer


A tool for easy and fast image viewing and conversion to major formats.

Sota Solutions Limited - Business Software & IT Services for the UK


Sota provides solutions focusing on four rapidly converging technology areas: Business Software (accounting and CRM), networking, telephony and internet services.

Financial Planning Made Simple - AdviceAmerica


A provider of Web-based financial planning applications.

Integer Engineering Software


Leading UK civil engineering software and structural analysis software for the construction industry, steelwork design, calculation and reinforced concrete.

Digital Canal


Blue print design software including floor plan, footing, frame analysis, structural engineering and other house plan software.



Providing multimedia and traditional marketing consulting and services for emerging companies.



PHP/MySQL-based e-commerce solution with inventory control, shipping management, credit card processing, international support and more.

My Edge Home Inventory Software


It helps you keep track your stuff. Easy, powerful and customizable home inventory software.Try before you buy it.

Disaster Recovery Software from The Neverfail Group


Disaster recovery software and data protection solution from The Neverfail Group, a leading software company providing a high availability solution for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and File Server.



Takes an interactive, visual approach to data analysis that empowers individuals to quickly and easily see trends, patterns, outliers and unanticipated relationships in data.

Attunity Enterprise Data Integration


Attunity is a leading provider of enterprise data integration software.

CyberQuest, GoldMine CRM and ACT Software Provider


Provides aales, consulting and internet based training of GoldMine CRM software and ACT.

Redwood Software


Software solutions for document management, effective, real-time event-driven process automation, job scheduling and enterprise report management solutions.

Infusion Software - Your Marketing Autopilot


CRM software to help small businesses grow their companies quickly and profitably.

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