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Yarn Diameter Specific volume and Packing density


Relationship between yarn diameter and count by equations given by different authors is compared. A new equation is proposed taking into account the variation in specific volume with count. Methods for determining yarn diameter and packing density are critically reviewed and their relative merits discussed. Influence of fibre properties and process parameters on yarn diameter and specific volume are discussed. Packing density is found to be higher at core and reduces towards the surface with yarns produced by all spinning systems. While rotor yarns have been found to have higher diameter and lower packing density, contradictory results are found in regard to air-jet yarns vis a vis ring yarns. Packing density is found to be lower at core and increases, reaches a maximum and drops rapidly towards surface in rotor, compact, siro- spun and worsted ring yarns. Packing density in ring yarns is found to be lower than that given by ‘open’ and ‘close’ packing

Nonwoven Bonding by Thermalbonding


different methods of manufacturing various types of thermal bonded nonwovens are described. Influences of fibre properties of base and low melt fibre and process parameters on the properties of nonwovens are covered based on the research and development work carried out. Different types of bicomponent dibres and their merits over moncomponent low melt fibres are covered.

Nonwoven - Bonding by needle punching


Discusses the various process factors, machine parameters and needle characteristics that determine quality and productivity of needle punched nonwovens. Modern developments that give higher productivity and better quality are covered. Structure needle punched and random velour machines are discussed. Measures to overcome troubleshooting problems in needle punching are enumerated.

Nonwoven - Batt Formation


Discusses various methods of batt formation in Nonwovens and outlines the critical process and quality checkpoints for getting best quality and productivity

Monarch Air


A flight school and aviation center certified in Cessna aircraft sales, training, parts and maintenance located in Dallas, Texas.

Drivers Ed Direct


Online driving school courses and behind the wheel instruction for all of your drivers training needs.

Alert Driving School


Provides driving lessons to people who want to get their New Zealand Drivers Licence, can also help people convert overseas licence to NZ license. Operates in the greater Auckland region.

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