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Political news where stories are rated based on spin and relevance.

Classical Liberalism - Wikipedia


Encyclopedia article examines the classical liberal school and notes distinctions between it and other schools of thought within liberalism such as libertarianism and New Liberalism.

The Demonisation of Market Liberalism


Speech by Samuel Brittan to the EU Seminar on Europe in 21st Century (April 14 2000). Brittan is a leading economic commentator and Financial Times columnist.

House of Politics


Welcome to House of Politics! We're a political forum dedicated to bring you the latest political news! Come and join us! Talk politics with your fellow citizens! Help us bring the Public's passion back to politics!

The Teflon Scientist


Robert Oppenheimer duped American scientist into aiding and abetting his politically motivated effort to sabotage our postwar nuclear programs.

George W. Bush Impersonator John Morgan


George W. Bush Impersonator John Morgan delivers a professional and humorous look-alike presentation as the President of the United States.

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